Little bit of me…

Hi there, My name is Brittany Tomren and Id like to introduce you to FloydsKitchen. Floyd’sKitchen is a healthy living blog dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle on a budget! Leave it to me to create recipes and post about things relating to my life. Do not be alarmed if one minute I am on a tangent about a cookie recipe failure and the next minute decide to discuss my current wish list!

In December 2011, I graduated from the University of British Columbia-Okanagan with a business degree and have yet to find my path! I enjoy health food and exercise and am searching for something that will enable me to use my passion!

I will be getting married to the man of my dreams on May 26,2012 and thus, Ryan, will be noted quite often in the blog. Our pug is named Floyd and he is one of the major components of the blog as well! His favourite activities involve eating and lounging (Like mother like son). Thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoy!

Quick Facts:

Favorite Food(s): This is for the majority a food blog SO I can choose many starting with: Granola, fruity desserts (pie, crumble,turnover etc), eggs,oats,peanut butter. Oh god I could go on forever.

Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye

Favorite Movie: (Changes very very very often). Right now its Volver with Penelope.

Age: 23

Latest obsession: HBO’s Deadwood!


2 Responses to “Little bit of me…”

  1. Auntie Shelly March 27, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    Hi there, I totally enjoy your blog! Very fun and funny! But I was wondering if you had a recipe for duck(s) a l’orange? You see, I am having a “row” of people over for dinner and I thought that would be a good main! Also, let me know what you think about sides and appies. Thanks much!!

    • btomren March 28, 2012 at 8:09 am #

      lol I dont know ANYTHING about ducks in a row

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