The coolest treat made cooler.

20 Jun

Today is my day off! ( of several seeing as how I love to give my shifts away). Anyways today is a day of recipe sharing, pug grooming ( We have to brush him every day because the summer heat makes him shed like a son of a b), bike riding, running and having coffee with friends later on. 

On the home front,Ryan and I started mountain biking last year and with the purchase of our new truck we are now able to go bike riding where we want , instead of riding our bikes to where we wanted to go sans truck, and then being too tired to continue! Things have changed with our bikes since we got clipless pedals! I don’t know if ive ever sworn so much on a bike in my life. Bike riding is supposed to be leisurely, challenging when you want it to be- but fun. Most importantly- fun! Anyways basically clipless pedals enable the rider to be clipped into the pedal so that you can not only push down as you can with a regular shoe, but also pull up, making the rider more efficient ( apparently). You’ve all most likely seen these clipless pedals on road bikes, but you can still put them on your mountain bike and pray to god you don’t come across an uneven fallen branch or unsteady rock. 

Ry got them first and banged himself up a bit, and then me being as competitive as I am, decided it would be a good idea for me to outride him and get them too. Long story short I now want to hurl my bike into the lake and be done with it! Im having a helluva time getting out which makes breaking on the bike the scariest thing in the world!

Hopefully by next post it’ll all be easy breezy lemon squeezy and I wont need training wheels. The last fall earlier today indicated a strong need for a treat. Otherwise, whats the point in working so hard without a reward!

Enter: Sneaky treats.

Again if you don’t like avocado, don’t worry, you wont ever notice there is avocado in the following recipes as they’re not reminiscent of avocado at all!

Key Lime cheesecake pudding:

Serves 2

  • 1 avocado
  • 1/2 cup milk ( vanilla almond milk preferably)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 lime, zest and juice
  • 2 TBL cane sugar
  • pinch salt


Blend! and let chill in fridge for a half hour…if you can. I didn’t have the willpower and it was still delicious. 

Now what comes next is truly delicious and will definitely be a summer staple in our house.

Key lime cheesecake POPS! That’s right! I had the genius to pour them into my brand new pop molds and voila, behold a creamy dreamy popsicle!

I gave Ryan these super awesome spaceship popsicle molds for one of his birthday gifts…even though we all know he would never take the time to make popsicles… and it truly has been the gift that keeps on giving! Also, the tagline for the popsicle box was ” a cool treat made even cooler”…uhm sold!

So for the spaceship pops, firstly GO AND BUY SPACESHIP POPSICLE MOLDS, and then use the above ingredients for the pudding and pour into the molds. Freeze until set and enjoy! 

and if you find yourself pretending to fly the popsicle around the house and make spaceship liftoff sounds, that is fully encouraged.

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