Caramel Corn….need I say more?

12 Jun

Okay so no more trips, no more weddings and no more graduations….at least for a while for the trips and the graduations..hah!

ALOT has happened which I will fill you in on over time. The wedding will be several posts but for now lets talk about food. Basically my wedding regime in diet and exercise consisted of weights 3-4x week, cardio 2-3x a week and a pretty ‘clean’ diet which didn’t include cheese or bread. I am crazy enough to not eat bread for four months and I regret this decision! I was basically in tears having my first slice the day after the wedding – smothered in sugary peanut butter/ Nutella ( I went a tad overboard).

Nevertheless, AFTER the wedding I’ve been enjoying whatever I want, whenever I want it. For example its not uncommon to see me throw a handful of homemade Glosettes into a bowl of sugary cereal in the morning. I used to have oats and egg whites every single morning and now the world is my oyster! Cereal, pancakes, muffins etc etc etc!!! Im taking this food ‘honeymoon’ until I feel like getting back on track again. As you can probably notice I tend to have an all or nothing mentality and right now Im feeling like a few more treats are in order.

Now when I was telling Ryan about my exercise and nutrition hiatus, he said he hadn’t noticed. Mind you, he wouldn’t noticed if I got a G.I Jane haircut either. Moreover, even though I took a break from blogging… I did not take a break from recipe creating! It’s really the only thing that calmed me down when the wedding was in full boar.

I will still trying to feed people a day before the wedding. I love feeding people. yessir.

Okay so I may or may have not mentioned that I don’t really eat corn. I may have read too many books or seen too many movies where they give corn a bad rap. But today I believe in living life in moderation and that popcorn is actually quite a healthy snack if you do it up right. Let me show you how.

disclaimer: you will need a popcorn maker for this or buy some bags of natural unsalted/unbuttered popcorn bags. Also note that you wont be able to stop eating this. Literally wont be able to. 

Caramel Corn, FloydsKitchen style:

  • Organic popping kernels I didn’t measure but It was enough to fill a big bowl- I’d say 6-7 cups or so. ( remember that the less popcorn you have, the sweeter it will be, which in my books is an awesome thing)
  • Vanilla extract 1/2 tsp
  • butter ( unsalted) 2 TBS
  • honey 2 TBS
Pop the corn and let cool in the bowl while you warm the honey,vanilla and butter in a pot over medium heat. Once fully melted pour over the popcorn, toss the mixture, and let sit. THIS WILL BE A CHALLENGE. Try to busy yourself with a task while NOT eating the popcorn……..
I have made this way too many times this week and have failed at this challenge but I promise if you can wait it’ll turn out better!
Once popcorn is cool ( about 20ish minutes) feel free to devour! Also remember that noone will judge you if you find yourself scraping the bottom of the bowl with the last popcorn kernels.


One Response to “Caramel Corn….need I say more?”

  1. Jane Balfour June 12, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    Glad you are back blogging Brit

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