New York City & Georgia!

16 Apr

Okay so for half of the trip I kept calling NYC the big easy. It is NOT the big easy and laughed for about an hour at this. Its just funny calling a place the big easy. Anyways, New York was unbelievable and usually I don’t share the whereabouts of every moment of my little family but these things you WILL need to know so that you can go and pack your bags immediately and head on over.

Hotels aren’t cheap….AT ALL….but good news is that food is. I usually travel places that have amazing food ( or what I deem to be amazing) and whatever it is you want in NY you can have it- at any time and at any price! 

Now if your heading over take your budget and then double or triple it because your going to spend alot more than you think! Which is fine because money was made to spent. Here’s the things we did and what I would suggest you to do too!

-Go to a knicks game and depending on your seats bring binoculars or a camera with amazing zoom so you can celebrity hunt! We seen Ricky Martin, Ben stiller, Turtle from Entourage, Kevin James from King of Queens and one of the ladies from the Help. Not toooo bad for an afternoon of celeb hunting if you ask me! Ryan and I don’t follow basketball but by the end of the game we wanted to live,breathe and die for the team. The energy is so intense!!!Image

– Go to a broadway show. We seen ‘Once’ and it was quite good and im sure they all are but its really quite exciting and the tickets can be much more affordable than the Knicks if you have to choose one event.

-Rent bikes in Central Park and again (celeb hunt) and have lunch at Le Pain Quotidien which (amazingly enough) serves gluten free and dairy free items.

– Go to Times Square. We did go but its an absolute zoo and didn’t stay for very long at all. ( I did pick up ANOTHER pair of runners) but we went for broadway. Also there is a Toys’ R’ Us in times square with a real ferris wheel that children can ride which is worth the trip if you have kids! Sidenote : You’ll see many many many many many people wearing awesome bright coloured runners in NY and I was wondering why Canada usually just sells boring white runners. We popped into Footlocker to buy Ryan some socks and here is where I seen the great wall!Image

So even though i’m unemployed and just bought a new pair of runners ( I tried jazzing them up with neon pink laces!), i absolutely had to get a pink/purple/yellow pair of new balance 890’s! yay!

Also must do’s are SOHO for shopping and Greenwich for eating. New York is open 24 hours a day which means that you can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want which was a bit strange seeing as how Summerland,B.C rolls up the sidewalks at about 4:30. I typically go to bed extremely early (like 9-10) and in New York since everything is open all the time and people are out and about all the time we didnt end up going to bed until 2 or 3. We also woke up very early ( like 7:30 am) to get our day started. We had 4 days and managed to see absolutely everything on our list ( Brooklyn Bridge, Carries apt. from sex and the city, wall street, NY times etc) all within that time- BUT at a very fast pace.

Now that i’ve saved the best for last….This shop does need a whole post to itself…but enter- LULA’S SWEET APOTHECARY. Ryan had to pick my jaw up from the ground when we arrived because I was so in awe at this beautiful shop. It’s a tiny hole in the wall serving gluten free, dairy free, soy free and nut free ice cream ( depending on what you want). Here’s the kicker though- the ice cream rivals Ben & Jerry’s. We went back 3x which is funny because its COMPLETELY out of the way of any subway stop but I was hook line and sinker. In our stay I tried root beer float, peanut butter explosion, oreo cream, oatmeal raisin cookie (HOLY SHIT), and cake batter soft serve. I also tested about three thousand more flavours just to be certain of my choice. Nonetheless, now that I’ve experienced an ice cream that is dairy free and ISN’T soy or coconut i’m pretty well determined to have a show like this of my own. I can’t say enough about Lula’s except to book your ticket now and sprint. It also helps that there open till like midnight. ( They are closed on Monday’s however which pissed me off-haha!)

There is much more to be said about the city but it really is amazing and if you love food or love pretty much anything you WILL find it there. Everything you could ever want or need or wish for is right there!

Next stop was Savannah Georgia ( Home to the Forest Gump movie) and was part of a trip that Ryan won with work. I wasn’t sure what to expect …until now- Fried chicken and southern accents. The southern accent is definitely contagious, as are the homes. The homes are absolutely gorgeous. That is one thing Georgia has going for it. They have the most beautiful southern homes- most of them decorated with antiques which adds to the effect. Image

I had a hell of a time finding anything that wasn’t deep fried but it was nice to be in an area where the temperature was about 25 and you could just lie by the pool! By the time we got there we were pretty exhausted from New York and mostly spent our days at the pool. We were introduced to Pineapple Mojitos which we fully enjoyed- and I’ll be trying to recreate for our wedding drink!

Well, we have absolutely no food in the fridge this morning so I’m off to the gym and the grocer and will post something delicious tomorrow. We’ve been so spoiled with eating out that I’m not sure where to start!

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